Cinnamon SQL
Release Date: 2010-02-24

Cinnamon SQL Screenshot

Cinnamon is built on top of our award winning NDB engine. That doesn't mean that Cinnamon is just NDB with a face lift however. The display grids used to view your tables and/or queries are the most sophisticated on the market. View your information sorted on any field or multiple fields even if they are not indexed. Gain instant reports without having to design complex solutions yourself in a report writer. The addition of OLAP makes this our most powerful database yet.


When your using Cinnamon SQL, you can group your information simply by dragging the fields to the top 'Grouping Bar' and gain an instant report. Easily group, sort and re-sort that information on any field or multiple fields in just a couple of mouse clicks! Arrange the fields in any order you want. Group the fields in any manner you choose. Print out your current view at any time at the click of a button and receive what-you-see-is-what-you-get print-outs.


Cinnamon SQL allows you to import data into your tables directly from the following formats:

  • MS Excel
  • MS Excel 2007
  • MS Word 2007
  • MS Access
  • OpenOffice Spreadsheet (ods)
  • OpenOffice Text Document (odt)
  • DBF databases
  • XML files
  • Text files
  • CVS files
  • HTML documents
  • XMLDoc files

Do you have your data trapped in a database but you need to work with the information in a spreadsheet? Do you need to transfer some information to a document, but your present system makes you jump through hoops just to get badly formatted data? Tired of copy and paste?

Cinnamon SQL lets you transfer your information into the most widely used formats and you don't need to jump through hoops to get it. Cinnamon SQL lets you easily export your data directly to these formats:

  • Html
  • Xml
  • MS Excel
  • MS Excel 2007
  • MS Word
  • MS Word 2007
  • MS Access
  • OpenOffice Spreadsheet (ods)
  • OpenOffice Text Document (odt)
  • Richtext
  • CSV
  • Text
  • Dif
  • Sylk
  • DBF


Gain powerhouse views of your information in seconds with OLAP. Use the Pivot Table where you simply move the fields around and get instant results in a multi-dimensional view! Obtain "what-you-see-is-what-you-get" print-outs at the click of a button. Look at your data in a whole new perspective without having to touch the underlying structure.

SQL Pivot View

What if you wanted to see how Cinnamon SQL came up with that Grand Total figure of $546,758.35shown above? Easy, you just double click on the figure in question and Cinnamon SQL gives you the Drill Down view as shown below.

Drill Down View

Don't know a thing about writing SQL statements? Cinnamon SQL includes a Visual SQL Query Builder that let's you build your statements visually. You can base your SQL off as many tables in the database as you need. You aren't restricted to Select statements either. The Visual SQL Query Builder allows you to use Select, Insert, Update or Delete statements.

Visual Query Builder

Need more complex reports than what you've seen above? The Cinnamon SQL includes a built-in report designer that allows you to build your reports off of any/all tables and/or queries you have open. Once you have designed your complex report, you can save it for loading again later. There is even a built-in Wizard that can design your report for you!

Report Designer

Cinnamon SQL is only distributed as a part of our Elite Office Suite.