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*** Notice *** NW Docx Converter now has the ability to extract plain text from standard Word doc files.

NativeWinds has released an Excel 2007-2010 (*.xlsx) to Excel 97 (*xls) freeware converter!
Now includes a command line version! Download here.

How in the world do I open those docx files?

Microsoft introduced the .docx file format in its new Office and Word applications and wants it to replace the commonly used doc format. The problem with the change from doc to docx is that many users are still working with prior versions of Word or no Microsoft product at all and face the problem that they can’t load the docx file because it is not supported in their application. To make matters even worse, the trial version of Word 2007 will only save in the new docx format and has the 'Copy' and 'Paste' functions disabled. Anyone who created documents in the new Word 2007 trial edition were forced to save in the new format with no chance to transfer their own information to another application. Once the trial expired, you had two choices - buy Word 2007 in order to retrieve your information or re-enter all that information once again in another application.

If you are one of those unfortunate people who lost access to the information stored in those documents, we have good news for you! NW Docx Converter can extract most of your information back from those locked files and allow you to save it to richtext format (*.rtf) which can be read by almost any modern word processing application. If you would rather save it to a format that can be read by almost anyone in the world with a modern computer, NW Docx Converter will even allow you to save that information in PDF format!

NW Docx Converter even goes one step further. Since a growing percentage of the computing world has switched or is the process of switching over to the new ODF format and are using products such as OpenOffice, NeoOffice, etc., we have added the ability for NW Docx Converter to read those documents for you. Not everyone likes MS Office and not everyone likes OpenOffice. For various reasons, people may not have one or either of those applications installed on their computer. OpenOffice is free for anyone to use but not everyone has the ability or desire to download a 100+ MB program to their computer just to view an odt file that someone sent them. Not everyone has the very latest computer equipment at their disposal which is capable of running either of these programs. NW Docx Converter will let you communicate with other users who insist on sending you files in one of those 2 formats, even if you are still using an antiquated computer.

What is NW Docx Converter?
NW Docx Converter is a freeware file converter for standard MS Word doc files, MS Word 2007 Docx and OpenOffice Sxw and Odt files. You do not need OpenOffice or Office 2007 to be installed for the program to work. Word 2007 Docx files (*.docx; *.dotx) and OpenOffice files (*.sxw,*.odt) will be converted to richtext (rtf) format with partial formatting and images. NW Docx Converter isn't perfect in what it can retrieve from these files, but it does a decent job of retrieving your basic information. While you are converting these documents, NW Docx Converter will show you a page by page layout of what was retrieved and let you send it to your printer. Docx2Rtf can also convert those Word 2007 and OpenOffice documents to PDF format! NW Docx Converter also allows you to view most common graphic file formats. Version 3.4 even allows you to extract text (if available) from pdf files!

MS Works (*.wps) files are now supported in v2.9.NW Docx Converter and our own QwikChange may very well be the only software programs besides Microsoft products that can open and convert MS Works (*.wps) documents! In our tests, NW Docx Converter and QwikChange were able to load more MS Works files that MS Word 2007!

Multi-language interface now available! See languages below. Recent changes now include support for underlined and italic text in Office 2007 and OpenOffice files. The latest version also displays a printer selection dialog before printing.

You can now re-arrange/delete pages! Version 3.6 allows you to re-arrange pages using the buttons at the bottom of the main screen or by using drag and drop in the thumbnail window. Also introduced in v3.6 was the ability for the NW Docx Converter to check our site and see if a newer version is available for download.

Command-line interface!
You can now run Docx2Rtf from the command line. There should be a space between the command line switches (-a or -f) and the file or folder you wish to convert.

ie: Docx2Rtf -a "C:\My Document to convert\test.docx"
Docx2Rtf -a "C:\My Document to convert\test.odt"

The above command line would cause NW Docx Converter to 'automatically' convert the designated file "C:\My Document to convert.docx" to "C:\My Document to convert.rtf"
If the file you want converted has a space in the path, you would need to enclose the file name in double quotes as indicated above.

You can convert an entire folder of documents at once (-f switch) with the following command:

Docx2Rtf -f "C:\My Folder to convert"

The above command line would convert all docx files to rtf in the designated folder. If the folder you want converted has a space in the path, you would need to enclose the path name in double quotes as indicated above.

If you would like to convert other file types to rtf, you will need to add the file extension to the command line like this:

Docx2Rtf -f "C:\My Folder to convert" odt

The above command line would convert all odt files found in the designated folder to rtf.

If you would like to convert a folder of files to pdf, you will need to add both file extensions to the command line like this:

Docx2Rtf -f "C:\My Folder to convert" odt pdf


Docx2Rtf -f "C:\My Folder to convert" docx pdf

The above command lines would convert all odt or docx files found in the designated folder to pdf.

PalmOS Database Document Support!
The latest release of NW Docx Converter has added support for documents (ebooks) stored in the PalmOS Database (pdb) format and Aportis documents (prc) format. Now you can load, read and print most files in pdb and prc formats.

In addition to importing docx, dotx, odt and sxw, pdb and prc files, Docx2Rtf can also open, view and print - plain text (*.txt), Portable Document Format (*.pdf), Hypertext Markup Language (*.html) and Richtext (*.rtf) files and most common graphic files - including multi-page graphics such as tiff.

The NW Docx Converter "Docx2Rtf" is freeware. There is no charge to download it and there is no charge to use it. And at only 2MB, it takes up very little space on your hard drive and will run even on the slowest of computers.

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Download Now!
You can download your copy of NW Docx Converter here.

Runs on any MS Operating System from WinXP to Win 7
Linux OS systems under Wine.

Users with older systems can still download Docx2Rtf v2.7 here.

Need to convert Excel 2007 or Excel 2010 *.xlsx files to Excel 97 (*.xls) format? Then download the all new NativeWinds Xlsx Converter. It's freeware!!
Download HERE.

If you have a language file that you have translated and would like to share it with others, send it to us by email and we'll make it available here.

Currently Available Language files: (right click on the links below and select 'Save as' to download.)
Note: These language files must be saved inside the sub folder named 'Languages ' which should be located in the Docx2Rtf directory.

English - Built-in

Afrikaans - compliments of Christo Viljoen
Bulgarian - compliments of Galin Atanasov
Catalan - see Valencian below
Czech - compliments of DžejPý
Chinese - compliments of Robert at Total Commander Ultra Prime
Chinese (Traditional) - compliments of Sid
Croatian - compliments of Robert at Total Commander Ultra Prime
Dutch - compliments of Patrick Vanhoucke
Finnish - compliments of Jukka Seutu
French - compliments of Bigpapa

French - a second French translation. This one compliments of Jean-Marie Reuter
French - a third French translation compliments of Steve Prost.
French - yet another French translation compliments of Claude Charries

Galician - this Romance language compliments of Xosé Antón Vicente Rodríguez
German - compliments of Robert at Total Commander Ultra Prime
Greek - compliments of Zacharias Angourakis
Hungarian - compliments of Robert at Total Commander Ultra Prime
Italian - compliments of Dario Facchin
Occitan - compliments of Reinat Toscano (link to his site provided for those who might be intrested in other software for this Romance language.)
Polish - compliments of Robert at Total Commander Ultra Prime
Portuguese-Brazilian - compliments of Carlos Gonçalves
Romanian - compliments of Eugen Antal

Romanian - a second translation compliments of Dragoş Dumitrescu

Russian -compliments of Alexander Yakovlev
Serbian - compliments of Robert at Total Commander Ultra Prime
Slovak - compliments of Michal Kabát
Spanish - compliments of Robert at Total Commander Ultra Prime
Swedish - compliments of Stefan Lagerkvist
Turkish - compliments of Yunus Berkan
Ukrainian - compliments of Rumumba
Valencian - (also known as Catalan) this Romance language compliments of Vicent Adam

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